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We believe that when you explore, you learn. When we explore the real world, we use maps and technology to get from one place to another.

Our study guide platform uses the same approach for education and learning. Like a teacher or tutor, we are your tour guides in knowledge.

  • Step 1: Feel lost in school? Curious about solving a tricky problem? Identify the key concepts on the Navigating Knowledge maps or use our smart recommendations as your starting point.

  • Step 2: Engage with our powerful tools (notecards for understanding, map layer applications, text analysis, creative virtual reality environments) to strengthen your knowledge.

  • Step 3: Create and join journeys in NK Camp to keep notes and share knowledge with others.

Explore. Learn.

Navigating Knowledge helps you to sort of see everything all at once. It's got this really cool top-down way about it that allows for you to take all the information from the course and give it its own place in your mind-palace.

Navigating Knowledge is a great tool for anyone.

Probably the most innovative studying tool I've ever used.

Navigating Knowledge is a very useful tool for study knowledge. Not only economics but also another course, such as math, history, psychology and so on.

~ City Colleges of Chicago Students


Our concept map in Tree has over 17,000 academic concepts taught by professionals that span all academic disciplines: study economics, biology, psychology, and more.


We love the hundreds of visual layers you can add to the world map. From seeing where AP News articles are coming from; to searching for colleges.


History isn't just a class in school. Everything has a history. That's why our timeline is the most comprehensive map of history you've ever seen.

explore our ecosystem


Camp provides a simple yet advanced platform for taking notes and sharing knowledge with any audience.


Sapling is an effortless and fun way to learn a language for early learners or those wishing to explore language.


Never feel lost in school with Tree. Advanced high schoolers and college students will feel that each class builds on their existing knowledge.


Explore business market landscapes with a bird's-eye view with Eagle. Find organizations to work for or to invest in.


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