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Navigating Knowledge is advancing how the world experiences
education by providing the learning tools needed for the 21st century.


Three Maps. Limitless Learning.

Thousands of academic concepts.

Organized in a way familiar and efficient.

  • 15,000 concepts that complement what you want to learn
  • Translations for six languages
  • Links to the best resources hand-picked by educators
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The World. Simplified.

Navigate the world without the complexities of other maps.

  • Scavenger hunt of 10 new places each day
  • Email reminders to encourage lifelong learning
  • Layers to see the world differently
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The time has come.

Explore time from beginning to today.

  • People and events on a comprehensive timeline
  • Great for history enthusiasts!
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What we do

Education is changing.

Educational costs are increasing, but information to learn is readily at our fingertips. Students, educators, and lifelong learners now need a tour guide for knowledge. We provide the resources and skills to advance your understanding of, well, everything.

Rooted in Neuroscience

Our map builds upon the foundation of Bloom's Taxonomy and cognitive neuroscience.

Touring / Tutoring

We offer online tutoring. After working with you we update our platform to help you the next time you sign-in.

Classroom Integration

Classroom-tested from geography to economics.

24/7 Chat

Meet Joe. We teach Joe everything we know. Joe is available each day to help you navigate and learn.

Take a left at the stop sign.

We create the best solution for you and your learning needs.

Game Changer.

Learn how hundreds of students benefit from using Navigating Knowledge.

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